We passionately believe the key driver for loyalty success is Choice.

The logic is simple. Choice, like options in rewards, channels, locations, languages or currencies, defines the value of a points currency. This in turn drives member engagement, and ultimately points and company sales. The result is proven and powerful.


Reward Choice


Point Value


Member Engagement


Points Sales



Choice delivered in the form of constant innovation is part of our company’s DNA. Choice is what drives the passion of our cadre of bright individuals from over 20 countries speaking more than 30 languages. With Choice in mind, we've built Loylogic ON, the most powerful points commerce platform in the world. Loylogic ON enables us to customize your customized Points Products and deliver our high-performance Engagement Services. Our technology works with any loyalty (or virtual currency) business model and lets your members redeem or collect points for anything, anywhere. We are energized by re-defining the concept of ‘rewarding’, leveraging the technology advantage that we've created. At this moment, we are building the next generation reward experience. We call it Goal-Driven Loyalty™.



Our logo is a reflection of what our brand stands for: Choice.

While it may first appear as a random order of characters, upon deeper inspection there is a clear logic and precision behind each letterform. Each day we are plagued with thousands of choices. Our logo represents the choices we encounter, but is grounded in order. Nothing is placed arbitrarily. Every detail is carefully handcrafted to present a complete picture – providing logical order – a signature of the Loylogic brand. Each character is part of a series of shapes (circles, triangles, squares) to indicate logical thinking and contrast. The / is a slash that pays homage to technology. The Y is cut to represent responsive value in terms of building tailored solutions for our clients' unique needs.