Pointspay Swaps Miles for Money

In October 2012, Etihad Airways and Pointspay partnered to launch a global mobile wallet and mobile payment solution. This innovative solution converts virtual currency, such as miles and points, into over 150 global currencies for use as payment at over 30 million merchants worldwide.

In the first month since public launch, Pointspay shows a rapid upswing of user adoption:

  • 2.6% of the active program members registered
  • 148,000,000 points loaded (growing at 47% monthly)
  • 3,400 prepaid cards issued
  • 24% of transactions carried out at merchants in store
  • 83% of members remain with a positive points account balance after a transaction

“Pointspay shows the dream growth curves that every new business venture strives for,” said Dominic Hofer, Founder and CEO of Loylogic and Pointspay. “We brought a disruptive mobile technology to market and a solution that responds to a decade-old need of loyalty program members worldwide: redeeming miles and points whenever and wherever. After investing two years in developing Pointspay, we are very pleased with the takeoff.”

After the successful launch, Pointspay is now focused on partnering with well-known loyalty programs in North America, Europe and Asia. “From the initial reactions of program managers, we expect Pointspay to play a key role in driving global member engagement and program revenues as members experience maximum freedom to redeem their miles and points at more than 30 million merchants worldwide,” Dominic Hofer continued.