Loylogic India Technology Center Opens for Business

Zurich, Switzerland and Pune, India – Loylogic opens 6th international office in Pune. Loylogic’s new in-house Technology Center will continue to elevate quality, control, efficient program design and speed-to-market for Loylogic’s client base.

The opening of the Pune office continues Loylogic’s trend of expanding to a new global location for every year of operations, coming just before the 6th birthday of the company.

The primary purpose of the new office will be to house Loylogic’s new Technology Center, which is a core pillar of the company’s reputation for high-quality delivery and the backbone of the company’s success. Loylogic has transferred the most talented individuals from a previous vendor partner (operating a Build-Operate-Transfer Model), and is now focused on an ambitious recruitment plan to match its growing client base. Since the office was opened in August, Loylogic has in-sourced 21 employees, transferred 3 employees from the Zurich headquarters, recruited 9 new employees and contracted 7 new staff. The next target in this ambitious recruitment strategy will be to increase the total number of Loylogic India employees to 50 by the end of 2011.

This strategic move is directly aligned with a period of huge growth for Loylogic in 2011: a trend set to continue through 2012. Bringing Loylogic’s Technology Center in-house is expected to deliver a number of immediate benefits:

  • Quality – a characteristic synonymous with the Loylogic brand, and a constant focus for all company employees which will now be controlled with direct resource management and leadership.
  • Efficiency – while the wider Loylogic IT team will remain deployed regionally to support clients directly, the core of the Technology Center in Pune allows resource efficiency and more effective project assignment.
  • Intellectual Property – Our solutions and innovations will remain under immediate control and direction of Loylogic management.
  • Financial Control – the short term investment in this venture will quickly be realized by the long term savings from the development of the technology center.


Piyush Khandelwal, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Loylogic India said:
The opening of our Technology Center offers me the ability as CTO to quickly deliver the processes to support our ambitions as well as to fully align our hiring and retention plans with the growth of the company. I am also thrilled to be in a position to take the relationships I have built with the executive team at Loylogic Zurich back to India, at one of the most exciting times of growth in the country’s history.’

Dominic Hofer, Chief Executive Officer of Loylogic said:
‘Opening the Loylogic Technology Center has been a key strategic objective for the company and was carefully prepared over the last 4 years. Now we have secured the implementation of that vision by transferring the most talented individuals from the former vendor, and I look forward to the efficiencies and success this move will bring to our clients and to Loylogic.

About Loylogic
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