Loylogic Launches Akruu, an Industry-leading Loyalty Solution Offering New Ways to Earn Points/Miles from Multiple Program Currencies

Programs Using Akruu Will Experience a Significant Boost in Member Engagement, Revenue and Brand Loyalty

Atlanta, GA – November 1, 2016 – Loylogic, the leading loyalty solutions provider, has launched Akruu, an innovative online solution that provides loyalty program members with unparalleled flexibility in earning points/miles. As such, Akruu is able to create a significant boost in member engagement and revenue for loyalty programs that are participating in Akruu. 

Using Akruu, members can earn points/miles by engaging in advertised offers or completing activities, such as purchasing items from participating online stores, answering surveys, donating to charities, among many others. In addition, the solution addresses two issues that have negatively impacted member engagement in prior programs; Akruu improves member communication frequency and relevance and offers a more streamlined, accessible and dynamic user experience.

Earlier this year, Loylogic surveyed 5,000 frequent flyers in an attempt to learn what was causing a universal decline in member engagement. Eighty percent of respondents indicated that they wanted an online community that offered diverse and adaptive ways to earn points/miles, and 60% wanted to be informed immediately when additional opportunities to earn points/miles became available. Overall, the survey showed that members would be willing to adjust their behaviour to accrue points/miles more quickly. Recognizing a gap in the market, Loylogic created Akruu to fulfill members’ desires for flexibility and customization options within loyalty programs.

“Akruu breaks down all of the barriers that have prevented earning points and miles online from reaching its true potential,” said Ben Ashwell, Head of Consumer Products at Loylogic. "Members now have the flexibility to augment their points and miles balance in the way that is most convenient for them, facilitating earlier redemption. Studies have shown that members increase their points and miles accrual by more than 30% after a redemption and that redeemers are three times more likely to promote your brand (to others), making Akruu an important tool for companies looking to boost engagement, program revenue and leverage the significant marketing benefits of improved brand loyalty.”

Akruu is now available to businesses worldwide, with a cost-effective, industry-leading pricing model and commission sharing structure. To find out more about Akruu, please visit www.akruu.com

To arrange an interview to learn more about how Akruu will help companies boost member engagement and program revenue, please contact Jennifer Sacco at jennifer.sacco@loylogic.com or by phone at +41 43 500 51 60. 

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