Loylogic to launch new loyalty reward platform

Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a Leading rewards solution provider, today announced release of Loyrewards 2.0. The enriched loyalty reward platform creates a completely immersive, user-centric, fully personalized reward shopping experience that gives Loylogic clients the chance to create engaging, 360-degree customer experience on their loyalty program web sites. This is Experience Based Differentiation (EBD) in action, designed to strengthen customer loyalty through the reward process.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Loylogic focuses primarily on reward services, helping loyalty program clients steer and increase the value of their loyalty currency.

Loylogic’s vision is to ‘make miles and points more valuable than money’. This is a promise which Loylogic strives to deliver to its clients in key sectors where customer loyalty is the linchpin of marketing initiatives. The key programs include card reward programs in the financial sector, frequent flyer and frequent guest programs in the travel industry, frequent player programs for e-gaming companies and coalition loyalty programs in the retail sector.

Loylogic, through the strength of the reward offering, enables any program sponsor to differentiate its loyalty initiative from its competitors. The reward offering is extensive and is structured to appeal to the most diverse member profiles, globally.

And now all this just got better.

Loylogic delivers on its promises by combining state-of-the-art technology with a reward network that brings together the world’s leading brands in a reward shop that’s completely customizable for any client.

Perhaps the most engaging aspect for program members is that reward browsingand-buying is an easily navigable, media-rich, interactive and highly personalized experience. A new user interface and richer media functionality helps the user to ‘live’ the experience of exclusive brands, travel and experience rewards online.

From a functional perspective, reward browsing has been made easier with ‘Quick Finder’, ‘Gift Finder’ and enhanced ‘Search’ that allows for searching destinationfocused rewards and latest additions to the shop besides the keyword search.
Moreover, the new ‘Mini Basket’ feature allows users to manage their basket while browsing through the reward catalog even before entering the checkout process.

One of the most important aspects contributing to the all-important customer delight factor, however, is rewards personalization. Upon login, the experience flows to match the member’s profile and tastes through personalized rewards and targeted key visuals. Throughout the site, the reward recommendations are made based on personal profile. This aspect of the experience is also reinforced by better categorization of user’s transaction history.

When asked about the significance of Loyrewards 2.0, Dominic Hofer, CEO, Loylogic said:
“Our research shows that after members have redeemed for the first time they start accruing more miles and points, actually up to three times more. Loyrewards 2.0 will help our clients become more profitable by moving that first redemption, the ‘Golden Moment’, to an earlier point in time of a member’s lifecycle. Loylogic continues to invest in technologies that drive member engagement. The best is yet to come.”

About Loylogic
Loylogic is the world’s leading innovator and creator of points experiences, insights, commerce and engagement. By tantalizing members with more choices and arming programs with insights on behavior – anticipating both present and future needs – we deliver powerful solutions that amplify engagement and build loyalty.

Founded in 2005 with offices around the world and a global content network of more than 500 merchants and 2,000 online stores offering millions products and services, Loylogic, the new paradigm of points-based e-commerce and e-payment solutions, is the partner that the world’s leading loyalty programs trust with making their points and miles loved more. For more information please visit loylogic.com.

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