Pointspay: The future is more rewarding

As an innovative marketing and payment platform, Pointspay is fully committed to shaping the future of online shopping. It’s an ambition that is clearly evident in all that we do as a company. Innovation is one of our foundational traits, and so is strategic responsiveness. Since the very beginning, we’ve adapted to changing business conditions in order to ensure that the needs of our partners are met through a constant process of evolution. Our commitment to continuous adaptation has served us well, resulting in an innovative and robust payment platform that offers lasting value to all of our commercial partners and contemporary shoppers alike.

Pointspay’s latest developments have been received with unprecedented enthusiasm by all three of our key stakeholders – leading loyalty programs, their large global memberships, and those online shops with which we partner. Together, they form the core foundations of our enhanced value proposition and we’ve spared no effort in unlocking significant value for each key group.

 In its enhanced form, Pointspay enables loyalty program members to spend their points and miles whenever they visit partnering online shops. In addition, they can collect more points and miles every time they make a purchase. This combination of redemption and accrual allows the Pointspay shopper community to always afford more great products at point of sale, making them an especially attractive and sustainable shopper segment.

The value that this provides in turn to loyalty programs is highly significant. Participating programs enjoy active member engagement and scalable participation in the growth of online shopping, ensuring daily relevancy in the lives of their members. They also benefit from redemption cost optimization, increased revenues from points sales and, just as importantly, the elevated brand affinity that is generated by loyalty currencies, thanks to their powerful combination of aspirational value and practical use.

The Pointspay ecosystem, which has made this rewarding proposition a reality today, is a source of pride for all of us. At the same time, we have our feet planted firmly on the ground and remain humble enough to listen to all key stakeholders and incorporate their feedback into our operational model. This journey we're on - to realize the future of online shopping - is one that we're taking together.

Enjoy Pointspay. Afford more.