Pointspay Wins Banking IT-Innovation Award 2013

Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading innovator of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has received the “Banking IT Innovation Awards 2013” award. The award was announced on October 10th by the “Sourcing in the Finance Industry” competence centre comprising industry sector experts and representatives of the Universities of Leipzig, St. Gallen and Zurich.

From the 37 banking sector applicants, the panel of experts selected Pointspay as one of the four winning Banking IT innovations. The jury issued the following statement regarding their decision in favour of Pointspay: "Pointspay" is a smartphone wallet that enables mobile payment with loyalty points at over 32 million merchants. Loylogic offers a promising solution considering the increasing popularity of virtual currencies. This topic will be increasingly relevant in the light of related trends such as “gamification”. It is challenging to launch a truly scalable solution including so many merchants, which makes the Loylogic achievement even more impressive. This convincing implementation of the mobile wallet concept justifies the winning of a banking IT innovation award”.

The recognition for Pointspay is testament to this visionary solution from Loylogic, which responds to the need of millions of consumers wishing to spend their hard-earned miles and points on anything they want, anywhere and at any time. To date, more than 30’000 users have loaded close to 500’000’000 miles on Pointspay Cards. Transactions have taken place in over 80 countries across the globe. Pointspay is a powerful tool which engages program members, steers program liabilities and potentially saves millions by reducing the cost of redemption.

Further information (in German) regarding the Banking IT Innovation Awards can be found here.

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