Scandinavian Airlines Renews Contract with Loylogic for 20 Years; Extends Relationship with Company to Upgrade Carrier’s EuroBonus Reward Shop

Zurich, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden – Loylogic, a global innovator in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty and rewards programs designed to reduce liabilities, while increasing member engagement and revenues, is renewing its contract with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to upgrade and improve the airline’s EuroBonus Reward Shop.

Loylogic’s solution for SAS focuses on increasing the EuroBonus program’s value by offering EuroBonus members additional rewards with great flexibility and competitive prices. The unique shopping portal allows members to burn their earned points for merchandise and other non-flight rewards, giving members the ability to spend their points as they choose. It also includes a broader and unique portfolio of opportunities to burn points, making membership more rewarding regardless of travel habits.

“In our globally-challenged economy, travellers are particularly cost sensitive and “getting there” really is only half the journey. Travellers crave heightened value from their loyalty program too,” said Lars Holmquist, COO of Loylogic. “We look forward to making continued improvements to the EuroBonus Reward Shop while helping travellers purchase what they want, where they want it, and when they want it delivered. Loylogic is very excited to be continuing the partnership that began in 2008 and to have the opportunity to bring quality rewards and innovations to the SAS EuroBonus program and its member base.”

Unique Rewards, Fulfilling Offers

Launched in 2009, the EuroBonus Reward Shop is available to all EuroBonus members who collectively have purchased more than 100,000 products, delivered to 78 countries, and whose top orders hail from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Since its inception, the EuroBonus Reward Shop website has enjoyed over 1.8 million visits, and is accessible on the ground and through in-flight Wi-Fi. SAS EuroBonus members can redeem points for over 3,000 unique rewards from a broad range of categories including electronics, sports, beauty and experiences. Other unique rewards are focused on experiences such as a suborbital space flight, a romantic night in an igloo, to Legoland tickets.

20 Year Contract Rare In Any Industry

The 20-year agreement between Loylogic and SAS speaks to the long-term confidence between the companies and to Loylogic’s ability to offer exceptional value, and expanding selections of the very latest products and accessories to the SAS member base today.

“Since its launch, the EuroBonus Reward Shop has been a valuable addition to the redemption options available to our loyalty program members. They have benefited from increased flexibility and choice,” said Magdalena Rohdin-Hurtig, Manager of Redemption, SAS EuroBonus. “The new agreement means our members can continue using a combination of points and cash to redeem their rewards at reduced prices. This is a big win for our members and for the growth and value of our program. We are very excited to be able to offer our members new products at attractive prices comparable to other shopping sites.”

For more information about The EuroBonus Shop rewards program developed by Loylogic, please visit www.saseurobonusshop.com

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