We make your points loved most.

Agile innovation for a fast-paced world
Every year, thousands of companies launch new loyalty or motivation programs, growing the loyalty market at 22% per annum. In this crowded environment, the most challenging task for every program manager is to keep program members engaged. And because true engagement only happens when members either collect or redeem points, strengthening the earn and burn proposition of your program is paramount to loyalty success. Staying on top of the latest loyalty trends is key to differentiating your program and growing your brand.

Your expert innovation partner
In this ever-changing environment, Loylogic is your ambitious innovation partner. Our thinking and technology shape the future of the loyalty industry and have helped our clients win numerous industry awards. Our team designs your winning loyalty strategy, enable it through our leading-edge Pointshub and Pointspay platforms and support it with our truly global loyalty services.

What we do
Loylogic runs award-winning, high-performing points commerce loyalty solutions. We work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands because we tailor our global solutions to their ambitious vision, goals and brand.

How we do it
To keep pioneering in our field, we work with smart people with innovation in their DNA. Together, we design new ways for collecting or redeeming points online, in-app or in-store. At Loylogic we strongly believe in The Power of Choice:


Points choice


Points value


Member engagement


Company sales

Why we do it
We exist to make collecting and redeeming points a lot more easy and fun for loyalty program members around the world. Our mission is to Make Your Points Loved Most in order to deliver superior performance to program owners.

Our logo is a reflection of what our brand stands for: choice.

While it may first appear as a random order of characters, upon deeper inspection there is a clear logic and precision behind each letterform. Each day we are plagued with thousands of choices. Our logo represents the choices we encounter, but is grounded in order. Nothing is placed arbitrarily. Every detail is carefully handcrafted to present a complete picture – providing logical order – a signature of the Loylogic brand. Each character is part of a series of shapes (circles, triangles, squares) to indicate logical thinking and contrast. The / is a slash that pays homage to technology. The Y is cut to represent responsive value in terms of building tailored solutions for our clients' unique needs.


Who we are