Digital health

Motivating healthy behavior

Tangible rewards to motivate change
The technological and social media advances of the last decade have been connected to higher stress levels. In response, governments and insurance companies are developing new ways of connecting with consumers and employees to help them build healthier lifestyles. But approaches like simply tracking activities, creating team challenges or growing health scores don’t always motivate people. Studies show that people are more likely to change behavior when digital health apps and concepts are combined with points-based programs offering tangible rewards.

Compelling programs, seamless integration
We design sticky points-earning schemes and source healthy rewards delivered to members worldwide. Together with our global-leading health partners, we create the extra motivation needed to change consumers’ health-related behavior. The payoff is double: capturing better data to create more personalized health products while reducing costs for insurers as well as employers.

Impact in your business

  • Enable long-term change towards healthier lifestyle
  • Offer immediate rewards for fitness campaigns
  • Boost member engagement and satisfaction
  • Collect behavioral and health data
  • Reduce health-related costs
  • Improve risk assessment

Industry experience

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