Establishing direct consumer relationships

Keeping the biggest brands relevant
Global growth of media consumption via social channels continually shifts marketing power and growth opportunity to new consumer brands. To retain leading market positions, the largest consumer brands are focused on building direct consumer relationships – and rightly so. The goal of a leading consumer brand must be to steer sales and cement brand loyalty through differentiation – rather than competing on price. Loyalty programs are the key to empowering FMCG/CPG players to connect with consumers, collect data and understand preferences – allowing established brands to create successful new products.

Delivering the mobile first future
Loylogic understands the challenges of global consumer brands. Leveraging our innovation DNA and award-winning solutions suite, we are uniquely positioned to deliver highly engaging programs that seamlessly solve shopping-frequency, reward value and proof-of-purchase challenges. Today, Loylogic is the first choice for global-leading consumer brands looking to roll out innovative, mobile-first loyalty propositions. Our team delivers globally and quickly. We are proud that some of the largest FMCG/CPG players in the world trust our team with the ultimate challenge: connecting their billion-dollar brands with their best customers worldwide.

Impact in your business

  • Connect directly with consumers
  • Collect behavioral data and insights
  • Develop new, ancillary revenue streams
  • Boost engagement, brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Rollout global proposition with required local touch
  • Retain price levels/premium and drive brand value

Industry experience