• Jan 222015
    Airline Information 2012

    Loyalty 2015

    Istanbul, Turkey
    16-18 February, 2015

    Flightglobal and Global Flight are proud to announce the 7th annual Loyalty conference, which this year will focus on the strategies airlines can use to extract maximum value from their existing loyalty database and how they can re-engage via a more customer-centric approach.

  • Nov 182014
    Airline Information 2012

    Mega Event 2014

    New Orleans, LA, USA
    18-19 November, 2014

    Mega Event WorldWide 2014's three events in a single venue will cover FFP & Frequent Guest Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising, and Travel Co-branded Credit Cards. With the airline & travel industry starting to generate profits at pre-Great Recession levels, the challenge is to invest these monies wisely to ensure a sustainably profitible future.

  • Oct 242014
    Metadesign Intro

    The Brand of Choice

    Auf der Basis des Markenversprechens «Power of Choice» hat MetaDesign in enger Zusammenarbeit seiner beiden Büros in Zürich und San Francisco einen Markenauftritt entwickelt, der die Marke Loylogic visuell und sprachlich entfaltet – und am Markt sowie nach innen als moderne kraftvolle Marke positioniert.

    pdfMetaDesign - The Brand of Choice.pdf

  • Oct 172014
    Loylogic Logo

    Unveiling a Brand of Choice

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leader in global e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, today announced its new brand identity, including an evolved offering suite and a redesigned website. The new brand was created to reflect the company’s significant growth towards being the leading global points commerce provider and builds on the assets created over recent years. Each element of the brand identity highlights the focus on continuing to set new standards in the loyalty and virtual currency industry.

  • Oct 152014

    Milestones 2014

    • Loaded over 1 billion points via PointsPay
    • Redeemed in-store in over 80 countries worldwide
    • Launched contactless (NFC) PointsPay prepaid card
    • Formed Loylogic office in Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Launched  PointsPay Checkout solution
    • Launched refreshed Loylogic brand

  • Oct 052014

    Die Innovativsten

    Für die PwC-Tochter Strategy& sind PointsPay und MyDepot- Check die innovativsten Bankdienstleistungen im Internet.
    Das höchste Wertschöpfungspotenzial von allen Bankinnovationen für Private hat die Firma PointsPay. Das ist ein Ergebnis der Analyse der Berater der PwC-Tochter Strategy&, die BILANZ exklusiv vorliegt.

    pdfMedia Coverage/Bilanz - Die Innovativsten.pdf

  • Sep 092014
    Europes Customer Festival

    Europe’s Customer Festival

    London, UK
    9-10 September, 2014

    In the last 13 years Europe’s Customer Festival has evolved into a unique multi-sector market place, where all aspects of the customer journey are discussed. From customer loyalty to big data analytics, from innovative payment solutions to new omnichannel strategies, from customer engagement to customer experience – you’ll find it all here.