• Dec 312013

    Milestones 2013

    • Introduced fast product delivery with global shipping firm
    • Received U.S. Patent extension for Loypay slider technology
    • Won Merchant Payment Ecosystem Loyalty Award for Pointspay
    • Won Contactless & Mobile Intelligence Loyalty Award for Pointspay
    • Won Best Loyalty Industry Innovation Award for Pointspay

  • Dec 242013
    Lets Talk Payments

    Earn and Burn online, Get Loyal at Loylogic

    Founded in the year 2005, Loylogic Inc. is an international exchange and clearinghouse for virtual currencies like loyalty points and miles. Loylogic develops and provides international eCommerce and mCommerce shopping solutions for loyalty points with innovative loyalty programs worldwide.

  • Oct 292013
    Banking IT-Innovation Award 2013

    Pointspay Wins Banking IT-Innovation Award 2013

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading innovator of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has received the “Banking IT Innovation Awards 2013” award. The award was announced on October 10th by the “Sourcing in the Finance Industry” competence centre comprising industry sector experts and representatives of the Universities of Leipzig, St. Gallen and Zurich.

  • Jul 092013

    The Three Things You’ll Learn From The Digital Discussion On Loyalty

    Webinar on Thursday 11 July 2013

    Everybody and anybody in payments has a mobile wallet or visions of one dancing in their strategic plans. But, creating one is the easy part. The rubber meets the road when it comes to getting merchants and consumers to adopt. And, that is where value has to be added and problems solved that have nothing to do with payment.

  • Jul 022013
    Loyalty Americas

    Loyalty Americas 2013

    Chicago, USA
    10-11 September, 2013

    Loyalty Americas will showcase the diversity of innovation taking place in both North and South America. Topics will vary from the latest technology theory to transferable examples of best practice.

  • Jun 212013

    Loylogic - How Loyalty Payment Can Help Digital Wallets To Break Through

    Loyalty points redemption at the point-of-sale may just be the preferred mechanism for strengthening loyalty by giving members the value they desire, the redemption choice they seek, and the flexibility they need. And, at the same time, it provides for that strong use case that digital wallets need in order break through user adoption: consumer can pay with new money and merchants get access to new money.

    pdfLoylogic - Why Loyalty Payment Can Help Digital Wallets To Break Through.pdf

  • Jun 132013

    In Search Of A Use Case For Mobile Wallets

    Using a mobile wallet at the point of sale may be easier and safer than paying with cash, but right now, it has few advantages over paying with plastic.
    That means that in some ways, mobile and digital wallets are a technology in search of a use case, which helps to explain why mPayments account for just 0.001 percent of total retail purchase volume.