• Jul 142022
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    Focus on payments loyalty

    Klarna’s new rewards programme worth watching – article by Gabi Kool, Chief Commercial Officer at Loylogic.

    It’s an exciting period for those of us working in the loyalty industry, as increasing numbers of brands recognise the power of rewards to boost engagement and loyalty – and partner with companies creating innovative rewards technologies. And Klarna is fast becoming an exciting player to watch in this space.

  • Apr 212022
    Driving Engagement In Health And Fitness Apps Vecteezy 777x437

    Hooked on Health: Driving Engagement in Health and Fitness Apps

    Health and fitness apps have been gaining popularity for some years and the arrival of Covid-19 only accelerated this trend. While gym memberships became redundant, the home workout emerged as a lockdown lifeline and fitness apps and technologies played a key role in helping people to maintain healthy lifestyles.

  • Mar 072022
    Shopping On A Laptop

    This Is Marpay: How Pointspay Is Reimagining the Way Frequent Flyers Shop Online and Redefining Affiliate Marketing Along the Way

    In the thick of the pandemic, the restrictions on travel highlighted the vulnerability of the travel and hospitality industry, and the necessity for change. The travel loyalty industry was already in a race for relevancy besides fighting the battle for consumers’ share of mind and wallet. The restrictions sparked the global experiment to be productive from home and, for a spell, gave local travel the spotlight, making the industry ripe for change.

  • Feb 142022
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    Loylogic’s path leads to higher healthcare app engagement

    Loylogic CEO Dominic Hofer says healthcare apps have risen in popularity over the pandemic, but securing user engagement is critical for an app's success

    In the world of health and fitness apps, we repeatedly witness the rise and fall of user engagement. These apps have spiked in popularity over recent years, especially since the pandemic hit, with 593mn downloads in the first quarter of 2020 alone, but many struggle to keep people coming back long term.

  • Feb 112022
    Walking Through The City

    How Retailers Can Boost Sales All Year Round With the Latest in Loyalty Tech

    As 2022 gets under way, we have yet again firmly closed the door on the most important period in the retail calendar: the “golden quarter”. And, while many shoppers have been looking to beat the back to work blues by seeking out the best bargains in the post-holiday sales, retailers on the other hand, will have been reflecting on the results of another peak period.


  • Jan 072022
    RJ Dezerved Website

    Royal Jordanian VIP members granted access to exclusive luxury goods

    Top tier members of Royal Jordanian Airlines’ Royal Club loyalty scheme can now unlock discounts on coveted luxury labels such as Gucci, Dior and Bulgari.

    Royal Club joins Lufthansa’s Miles & More as the second airline loyalty programme to collaborate with the luxury invite-only platform Dezerved.

  • Jan 062022

    Royal Jordanian partners with Dezerved for loyalty programme

    Royal Jordanian Airlines’ loyalty programme, Royal Club, has joined forces with Dezerved, the luxury invite-only platform. 
    The second airline loyalty programme to partner with Dezerved, alongside Lufthansa’s Miles & More, Royal Club will offer its members access to the Dezerved platform, where they can find offers from high-end luxury brands.

  • Jan 062022
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    Royal Jordanian Airlines partners with invite-only platform Dezerved

    Royal Jordanian Airlines’ leading loyalty program, Royal Club, has joined forces with Dezerved, the luxury invite-only platform. The second airline loyalty program to partner with Dezerved, alongside Lufthansa’s Miles & More, Royal Club will offer its top tier program members access to the Dezerved platform, where they can find exclusive offers from high-end luxury brands.

  • Dec 282021
    Pos Terminal  960x641

    The Payments Trends Leading the Charge into 2022

    The days of handing over cash at a counter are becoming scarce, as the ways we can pay multiply at pace. From contactless payments, paying ‘later’ or via instalments online, or even making money on transactions, innovation is at a constant, and so is competition for consumer spend. Meanwhile, the fast-evolving payments industry must also keep up with consumers’ rising expectations for choice, value, and flexibility. 

  • Sep 222021
    Arrow On Street

    How CPG Brands Can Win the Battle for DTC Engagement

    Over the past ten years, the landscape that CPG brands operate in has evolved rapidly. Historically, these brands (also referred to as FMCG) have been dependent on ‘middleman’ retailers to sell to the consumer and have relied on costly mass media advertising to engage with audiences. 

  • May 072021
    Treueprogramme Fuer Fluggesellschaften Und Einzelhandel 768x512

    Treueprogramme für Fluggesellschaften und Einzelhandel

    In diesem Artikel erfährst du mehr über Treueprogramme und ihren Wert für den Einzelhandel und Fluggesellschaften. Im Zuge der Corona-Pandemie wurden Luxusmarken-HändlerInnen und die gesamte Einzelhandelsbranche besonders stark getroffen. 


  • Apr 152020
    Empty Check In Airport

    Keeping your loyalty program members engaged while your travel business is on pause

    Zurich, Switzerland | 15th April 2020

    By Gabi Kool, Chief Commercial Officer, Loylogic

    In the global Coronavirus pandemic, travel has come to an abrupt standstill. Airlines and hotels must find ways to keep their best customers optimistic, engaged and primed to rebound.

    Much has been written about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry. The consensus is clear: In its speed, global reach and severity, the current crisis is unprecedented. Amidst fear, health advisories and travel restrictions, a major part of the world’s population has gone into lockdown.

  • Apr 022020
    Article Image 1

    Why aren’t loyalty program emails personalized and what you can do about it

    Zurich, Switzerland | 02nd April 2020

    By Lansy Joseph, Chief Innovation Officer, Loylogic

    When was the last time you received an email from an online store that wasn’t personalized to your interests? Years ago, I would imagine. When was the last time you received an email from a loyalty program that wasn’t personalized though? Well, I can say for myself – just last week.

    To clarify, by personalization I’m not referring to the basics like having your name, account number or points balance in an email. I’m referring to personalized content relevant to your profile (e.g.: gender, points balance, location, etc.), preferences and interests based on your past browsing and shopping data.

  • Nov 272019
    Couple Shopping

    The Painful Reckoning of Incumbent FMCG Manufacturers

    Zurich, Switzerland | 27th November 2019

    By Daniel Schmidt, Director - FMCG Loyalty, Loylogic

    Global consumer goods companies face the unpleasant truth that the success of the past cannot be reproduced in the future without a new approach to marketing.  Direct consumer engagement has been the holy grail for decades. Could loyalty programs be the foundation of future success?

  • Oct 242019
    Loylogic Consulting

    How Retailers Fail to Tap into 360 Billion Dollar Market

    Zurich, Switzerland | 24th October 2019

    By Aileen Parsons, Head of Pointspay, Loylogic 

    In 2017, Colloquy [1] estimated that there were $360 Billion dollars’ worth of points sleeping in member accounts worldwide, with a further $117 billion being issued each year. To appreciate the magnitude of those numbers, if we compare it to a country’s GDP, then this population of points owners would nestle nicely between Denmark and Singapore. With 7.6 billion program members globally and that number growing by 12% per year, this is a population and an income stream that is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it’s a ‘must have’. 

  • Sep 172019

    The Future of Shopping with Points and Miles

    Zurich, Switzerland | 17th September 2019

    By Vera Martocchia, VP of Marketing at Loylogic

    Offering non-core redemption in order to diversify your loyalty offering and drive more engagement has developed from a nice-to-have to an absolute must, significantly impacting the growth of a loyalty program. Consequently, a well-rounded reward store has been an essential part of a winning loyalty strategy for almost every successful loyalty program and can be a game-changer.  

  • Jun 122019

    Rational Pricing for Airline Miles

    Zurich, Switzerland | 12th June 2019

    Many frequent flyer programs sell miles directly to their members. But miles are “funny money”, with widely fluctuating values barely understood by the public. We investigated Buy Miles prices and uncovered best practices. Our objective was simple: Determine the fair value in USD for a mile in each program, and compare that value to the price the program charges members when buying miles directly, in order to find the right pricing approach to tap into this million-dollar business.

    Download this white paper now to find out more. 

  • Mar 192019
    Future Of Engagement

    The Future of Loyalty Engagement

    Zurich, Switzerland | 20th March 2019

    By  Piyush Khandelwal, Chief Operations Officer at Loylogic

    Today, redemption is one of the most important levers to engage loyalty members with a brand. More and more organizations therefore have also come to understand the importance of non-core rewards that inherently provide attainability (early redemption), availability (unlimited choice) and inclusivity (everyone participates). In addition to increasing member engagement, non-core rewards enable strategic program management, for example, they can be used as tier-based benefits to members and even reduce the average cost per point. Members engage more and costs come down [1]- Isn’t that what economic dreams are made of?



  • Dec 052018
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    Pointspay – The Perfect Festive Gift for your Loyalty Program

    Zurich, Switzerland | 5th December 2018

    By Loylogic Insights 

    It’s that time of year again when millions of us will be shopping online looking for that ideal gift for family or friends in the run up to the holiday season.  The giving of gifts to loved ones is of huge emotional significance, and so it’s an ideal opportunity for your loyalty program to strengthen the bond with your members and play a critical supportive role in this process.

  • Jul 122018

    Buy, Gift or Transfer? Loylogic is the answer.

    London, UK | 12th July 2018

    By Ivo Knottnerus, Sales & Business Development Director

    A call to all Loyalty Program Managers: How do you reactivate the inactive members in your program? It is a fact that across the board 50-70% of the members of any given loyalty program today are inactive. The reasons are multiple and range from not finding enough interesting and engaging redemption opportunities, to not having enough points or miles in their accounts for a redemption in the first place and losing interest. What are you going to do about this? How are you going to activate the inactive members and re-engage them?

    What if I tell you that there now is a solution to this problem?

  • Jun 212018

    The key to your loyalty program’s survival and success is all about making the right choice

    Zurich, Switzerland | 21st June 2018

    By Dominic Hofer, Founder & CEO, Loylogic

    Choice has become such a buzz word and so very ingrained in our vocabulary: good choice, bad choice, too much choice, no choice… whatever we connect it with, choice is everywhere not just in our language but also in our lives. It is said that we make around 35,000 conscious and subconscious choices and decisions in one single day alone.*1 We take for granted having so many choices in life, but when we have no choice in a matter then we remark upon its absence in a negative way.

  • Apr 102018

    48 Trillion Unspent Loyalty Points – An Opportunity For Merchants

    London, UK | 10th April 2018

    By Akif Khan, Head of Pointspay at Loylogic

    When I tell people that there are approximately 48 trillion unspent loyalty points and frequent flyer miles sitting dormant in loyalty program members’ accounts globally, the first reaction is usually one of surprise. The next reaction is usually a nod of recognition, as they explain that they too often struggle to find meaningful ways to redeem the points that they have. This is an important fact that online merchants should note, as there is a growing opportunity for them to tap into this phenomenon to drive incremental revenue and drive customer acquisition.

  • Mar 272018

    The busy life of an ambitious loyalty member: is there any point to it?

    London, UK | 27th March 2018

    By Ivo Knottnerus, Sales & Business Development Director

    Why do people seem so busy? I mean always and all of the time? Part of this is a perception problem. On average, people in the wealthier countries have more leisure time than they used to have 20 years ago. This is particularly true in the United States, but even in Europe leisure time has been going up steadily since 1965, when formal national time-use surveys began. Europeans work nearly 12 hours less per week, on average, than they did 40 years ago - a fall that includes all work-related activities, such as commuting and coffee breaks.

  • Mar 222018

    The Rise Of PayPal And What The Loyalty Industry Can Learn

    London, UK | 22nd March, 2018

    By Akif Khan, Head of Pointspay. Loylogic 

    Think online shopping and payments, and you most probably think of the stereotypical image of credit card details being entered onto a checkout page. However, in a surprisingly large number of markets, this isn’t the case. Whilst credit and debit cards are prolific in many regions, there are just as many others where they are not. Within the world of ecommerce, paying online without directly using your payment card is known as using an alternative payment method, or APM. The growth in the use of APMs is an important trend that the loyalty industry should be following. There are over 300 APMs in use globally. These range from bank transfer-based systems such as iDEAL in the Netherlands or Sofort in Germany, to direct mobile carrier billing systems such as Boku, to e-invoicing services like Klarna.

  • Dec 062017

    Your loyalty blind spot? It’s your employees

    Zurich, Switzerland | 6th December 2017

    By Max Hunter, Chief Joy Officer at Loylogic

    Employee loyalty. What does that even mean? I’ve given my all to companies before but they seemed to show no loyalty to me. The only way the company tried to engage employees was through a ‘carrot and stick’ bonus scheme and a Christmas party. Plus I got looked over for ‘promised’ promotion, then uninvited from the Christmas party once I handed in my notice after 5 years dedicated, successful service. When the squeeze is on, the only thing that gets squeezed is the people.

  • Dec 042017

    Make your loyalty points work with bitcoin

    London, UK | 4th December, 2017

    By Vera Martocchia | Global Marketing Director at Loylogic

    For Loylogic innovation is key and one of our core values deeply imbedded into our DNA. We are constantly observing new trends and challenge the status quo to come up with new and unprecedented redemption features for the loyalty industry. This is what led us to our newest revelation: Bitcoin as a loyalty redemption feature and points investment option.

  • Nov 272017

    Loyalty is a two way street

    Zurich, Switzerland | 27th November, 2017

    By Judith Raymakers, VP Strategic Partnerships at Loylogic

    topbonus, with more than 4.3 million members being one of the largest loyalty programs in Europe, has always placed the interest of their members at the core of their business thinking. Program rewards and benefits were designed to make their members travel experience smoother and to additionally provide their loyal customers with more benefits “on the ground”.

  • Sep 062017
    Loylogic Intro

    The Triple Effect of a Powerful Reward Solution

    Zurich, Switzerland | 6th September, 2017

    Loylogic Inc., the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, displays the impact a powerful reward solution can have on a loyalty program and brand.


  • Aug 112017
    JR Article

    The Journey to (Earlier) Redemption

    Zurich, Switzerland
    15 August, 2017

    Judith Raymakers
    VP Strategic Partnerships

    Member engagement is an essential business priority for loyalty programs and member redemption serves as a conduit to drive engagement. Because redemption offers the opportunity to better connect with your members, encouraging earlier redemption in the member lifecycle can be extremely beneficial and lucrative to your loyalty program.

  • May 172017
    Akruu Logo

    The Untapped Opportunity of Online Earn

    Ben Ashwell, Head of Akruu

    Even as more and more consumer spend shifts online, one aspect of online customer engagement has failed to keep pace with the growth of ecommerce: online earning in consumer loyalty programs. This lack of growth in online earning persists despite the desire of members to interact with their favorite loyalty program online. If consumers seek online earning opportunities, then how can brands accommodate them? Ashwell reveals the challenges to creating online earning velocity, as well as the opportunities for brands to build loyalty through the next generation of online earning portals. 

    Article2 inside

  • Jul 112016

    One Step Forward, No Steps Back

    In response to Colloquy’s 2015 Loyalty Census which specified that nearly 60% of loyalty programme members are inactive, we recently advocated on the way members of loyalty programmes are able to earn their points or miles. When delving deeper into the issue of loyalty programme activity, the problem is not acquisition, in fact, at 3.3B members globally, people are signing up for loyalty programmes more than ever before.

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  • May 032016

    Don't Mind The Gap: The Collect Effect

    In 2015, loyalty program membership recorded the highest number in history at 3.3B program members; conversely, program activity levels are at an all-time low as nearly 60% of members are inactive . This does not come as a surprise given that loyalty program activity rates have been heading down this path for years; it’s time to look at how to transform the way your members engage with your program.

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  • Apr 242012
    Survey 2012

    Loylogic - Frequent Traveller Survey 2012

    As part of the voting process for the inaugural Frequent Traveller Awards, Loylogic asked frequent travellers questions related to their loyalty points and miles earning and redemption behaviour and desires. The survey was online from March 2012. Loylogic collected just under 1,500 votes from members of over 500 loyalty programs worldwide.

    pdfLoylogic - Frequent Traveller Survey 2012.pdf

  • Feb 202012
    White Paper

    Loylogic - Points and Miles, Follow Me!

    In recent years many loyalty programs, together with their loyalty services providers, have done a good job exploiting the potential of in-store and online points earning. However, there is still a lot of work to do on the points burning side. The big opportunity for leading loyalty programs around the world is to make rewards ubiquitous. Rather than forcing program members to follow their hard-earned points to the few places where they can be redeemed, points and miles should follow the program members so they can shop for anything, anywhere.

    pdfLoylogic - Points and Miles Follow Me.pdf

  • Mar 162009
    White Paper

    Loylogic - The Speed of Choice

    Just as retail, travel and other business models have evolved to meet the opportunities and challenges of the digital age, so to must loyalty rewards fulfillment models evolve to take advantage of new technologies and the demands of today’s just-in-time marketplace. Those loyalty program operators committed to staying fluent and flexible with technology will win the day. Today’s tools can speed program members toward the Golden Moment of reward redemption like never before— creating more engaged and more profitable members in the process.

    pdfLoylogic - The Speed of Choice.pdf