• Mar 252009

    66% of Frequent Travelers Find Miles Are Worth More

    Zurich, Switzerland – Following the insight gained from previous online surveys running alongside the Freddie Award voting, Loylogic has repeated the exercise for 2009; critical timing for understanding how loyalty programs may be perceived in the midst of the current economic crisis.
    Loylogic, a leading reward solutions provider to loyalty programs worldwide, canvassed the opinions of more than 4,000 members from over 60 loyalty programs.

  • Dec 292008

    Loylogic takes SAS loyalty program to new heights

    Zurich, Switzerland – Following a competitive pitch process, Loylogic, the leading international reward solutions provider, has been appointed by Scandinavian Airlines to build and operate the new SAS EuroBonus Reward Shop.
    As well as wide-ranging reward and loyalty experience, Loylogic brings a growing worldwide reward merchant network to the task of strengthening, even further, the member appeal of SAS EuroBonus. The new, award-winning Loyrewards™ 2.0 platform will add another dimension to EuroBonus, taking it into 2009 in good shape to retain and attract customers.

  • Oct 132008

    Loylogic to launch new loyalty reward platform

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a Leading rewards solution provider, today announced release of Loyrewards 2.0. The enriched loyalty reward platform creates a completely immersive, user-centric, fully personalized reward shopping experience that gives Loylogic clients the chance to create engaging, 360-degree customer experience on their loyalty program web sites. This is Experience Based Differentiation (EBD) in action, designed to strengthen customer loyalty through the reward process.

  • Aug 112008

    Loylogic becomes first COLLOQUY Network Partner in Europe

    Zurich, Switzerland, Ohio/USA – As part of its continuing strategy of offering an unrivalled modular reward platform to loyalty programs on a global basis, Loylogic has announced its new affiliation with The COLLOQUY Network.

  • May 062008
    Freddie Awards 2008

    And the Freddie goes to

    Zurich, Switzerland, Phoenix/USA – Loylogic did fantastic at the 20th Freddie Awards in Phoenix Arizona. Its client, the Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways, won four Freddie Awards, and its Frequent Flyer Program Etihad Guest was awarded the most prestigious title of 'Program of the Year 2008'.

  • Mar 072008

    94% of Frequent Flyers Want Miles-plus-Cash Reward Payment Option

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a leading reward solutions provider to loyalty programs worldwide, made an online survey along with the 2008 Freddie Award voting. More than 9,000 members from 60 frequent flyer programs worldwide participated and one message came through strongly: 94% of frequent flyers want a flexible miles-plus-cash payment option when redeeming rewards.

  • Jan 142008

    Loylogic Built True International Reward Offering

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a leading reward services provider to loyalty programs worldwide, extended its reward offering from 150 to over 1,000 in the last 12 month. Even more remarkable: 75% of all rewards are shipped internationally. At the same time, Loylogic grew its global reward partner network to over 100 partners including top brands such as Apple, Azzaro, BlackBerry, Bugatti, Casio, Giorgio Armani, Kempinski, Motorola, Nike, Nintendo, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Porsche, Ray Ban, Samsonite and many more.

  • Sep 182007

    Loylogic Launches Industry-first Raffle and Auction Features

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic launches auctions and raffles through its Loyrewards™ service. Loyalty program members now enjoy more fun while redeeming points on aspirational rewards. From the program sponsor’s perspective, such redemption options spell out a partial answer to mounting points liabilities, especially in light of up-coming changes in accounting standards for loyalty schemes.

  • Sep 122007
    Piyush Khandelwal

    Math-Genius and INSEAD-Alumni Joins Loylogic

    Zürich, Schweiz – To strengthen its technology expertise, the fast growing Swiss reward services provider Loylogic hires the Indian IT- specialist Piyush Khandelwal (31). Piyush will join Loylogic’s management team in the position of Chief Technology Officer. His job is to consolidate the competitive edge of Loylogic’s technology platform and make it the leading online reward-marketplace.

  • May 092007
    Freddie Awards 2007

    Freddie's "Industry Impact Award 2007"

    Zurich, Switzerland, Arlington/USA – Thanks to Loylogic’s revolutionary Loypay-technology, Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways won the "Industry Impact Award 2007" at the 19th Freddie Awards. The award honors innovations that have the biggest impact on the industry in coming years.

  • Apr 112007
    Rudolf Huber Intro

    Loylogic Sets Course for Future

    Zurich, Switzerland – In order to strengthen its management, the fast growing Swiss reward services provider Loylogic appoints former Chief Financial Officer of Geberit Group, Rudolf Huber, to its advisory board. He will support the management team in setting the course of its future growth plans.

  • Dec 192006

    New Reward Payment Technology Embraced by Frequent Flyers

    Zurich, Switzerland – Until now, frequent flyers could only redeem their miles against rewards if they had the required miles balance. Missing miles could be purchased, but usually at overpriced rates. Loylogic introduces a new alternative called Loypay™, a revolutionary reward payment mechanism that accepts any combination of miles-plus-cash –thereby making miles more valuable than money. The patent-pending technology is based on a sophisticated algorithm which can boost the value of a single mile up to one hundred dollars or more.

  • Dec 012006

    Porsche on Board

    Zurich, Switzerland – More than 16 trillion miles lie currently idle in frequent flyer accounts all over the world. While in the past free flights and upgrades were popular among the frequent flyer community, non-flight rewards become more and more en vogue. Especially in the weeks before Christmas, web shops are booming as they save you from distressful shopping in overly crowded malls. Loylogic, a leading Swiss reward services provider, offers rewards that are more valuable than free flights or upgrades.

  • Oct 112006
    Randy Petersen Intro

    Frequent flyer guru to join Loylogic

    Zurich, Switzerland – 10. October, 2006 – Randy Petersen, the world’s leading frequent flyer expert, has joined the advisory board of Zurich-based reward services provider Loylogic Inc. In this position, Randy will provide global support to Loylogic and promote its patent-pending Loypay™ technology, which "makes miles more valuable than money". According to Mr. Petersen, this reward-payment solution constitutes one of the most important loyalty innovations since the first frequent flyer program was launched by American Airlines back in 1983.

  • Sep 062006

    Loylogic: Making Miles & Points More Valuable than Money™

    Zurich, Switzerland – 5. September, 2006 – Swiss-based Loylogic Inc. has launched its revolutionary Loyalty Reward Shop with Etihad Airways, the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, where Etihad Guest members can redeem miles for Etihad Flights, stays at the world’s most luxurious hotel Emirates Palace, desert rallies with their families, the latest Apple iPod or even health checks at local medical clinics. Loylogic is the only provider to integrate miles buying, bidding, gambling and giving in its reward shops. Moreover, one single mile can have a value of up to 100 US Dollars due to Loylogic’s unique Loypay™ reward payment technology.

  • Sep 062006
    Etihad Airways

    Loylogic: 12 Mio. Auftrag von Etihad Airways

    Zurich, Switzerland – 5. September, 2006 – Wer bisher Meilen sammelte, um damit Flugtickets einzulösen, hat jetzt eine bessere Alternative. Der Schweizer Anbieter Loylogic AG hat einen Edelwebshop für Flugmeilensammler eingerichtet, wo vom Honeymoon Weekend im luxuriösesten Hotel der Welt, über die Teilnahme an Wüstenrallyes bis hin zum Weingut in Frankreich alles erworben werden kann.

  • Apr 292005

    Loyrewards™ : Loylogic patents its world-leading Reward Service

    Zurich, Switzerland – April 28, 2005 - Loylogic Inc., recently founded in Switzerland to ultimately make miles and points more valuable than money, today announced to have successfully patented its worldleading Reward Service Solution: Loyrewards™.