The Power of Choice


Loylogic ON is the most powerful points commerce platform in the world. Magnetic web and mobile experiences for your members are ready in as little as four weeks, fully branded in your program look and feel. The platform integrates over 500 global merchant partners, offering more than 1,200 leading consumer brands as well as 20 affiliate networks featuring more than 2,000 global online stores. Our modular suite of Points Products keeps you in absolute control over your business model and provides you with the Choice needed to bring a differentiated value proposition to market.

„Loyalty program members have a goal - the reward. They increase their purchase rate as they get closer to their reward.”


Reward Store

The Reward Store offers your members the opportunity to redeem points online for merchandise, experiences, services or gift cards, to participate in auctions and raffles, to convert points into other loyalty currencies or to donate them to charities. Your members can pay in any combination of points-plus-cash, using our patented 'slider' tool. The store is highly customizable, and the look and feel as well as the reward catalog and pricing can be tailored to any defined member segment. Finally, having shipped to more than 170 countries, we make sure to reward your members - wherever they are.

„More than 4 out of 5 program members have a clear reward goal in mind.”



Complex online shopping experiences such as booking tickets or travel, gaming with points or buying at global leading fashion stores require a different approach to rewarding. Reward Checkout directs your members to exactly those specialized consumer brands and lets them redeem OR earn points – as they prefer – when checking out at the merchants. We accomplish this through PointsPay, our proprietary online merchant network.

„More than 2 out of 5 program members redeem to give their rewards as gifts.”


Reward Travel

Travel has always been the ultimate aspirational reward for loyalty program members around the globe. Our Reward Travel solution is a tantalizing travel booking experience, integrated with 5 GDS providing your members with the choice to book from over 400 airlines, 300,000 hotels and 25,000 car rental locations worldwide, while paying in any combination of points-plus-cash. The solution is seamlessly integrated into your program with the look and feel of your brand, ready to delight your members when you reward them with a lifetime of travel memories.

„Travel rewards are a top-performer for brands and a favourite among members, amounting to a $17B dollar industry.”

Reward Card

Virtual Reward Card

One out of two members will value your currency more if you provide them with a simple process to redeem their points for anything, anywhere. Our Virtual Reward Card generates a virtual prepaid card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard), loaded via website or mobile phone, so your members can redeem your points immediately at thousands of online merchants worldwide. Virtual Reward Card opens a world of immediate new reward options to your best members and attractive commercials to your program

„Almost 9 out of 10 program members continue collecting after they have redeemed.”


Reward Card

Your members will love your points even more if they have a chance to spend them in-store. Today, only Loylogic can make that possible. We ship a plastic prepaid card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard) in less than five days to your members anywhere in the world. They can then use your points to load the prepaid card via a smartphone as many times as they want for the next three years. Reward Card is the only solution that lets your members redeem – even via contactless payment – at over 33 million points-of-sale worldwide. What else could your members possibly wish for?

„1 out of 2 program members prefer liquidiy of points over value of points.”


Reward Concierge

In a perfect world, the reward is something your members dream about – a dream provided by your program that will be remembered forever. There are dreams that no merchant has in stock or no prepaid card can buy. To provide that ultimate reward experience, we offer your most distinct members Reward Concierge. Together with our prestigious global concierge partners, we are capable of sourcing and delivering any reward your members can possibly dream of. This personal service lets your brand and loyalty currency stand out for years to come.

„More than 3 out of 5 program members wish to customize their rewards.”


Collect Portal

For international loyalty programs, collecting points online is the only scalable option to drive global member engagement. Our many years of experience in providing online collect solutions helped us to identify 4 main challenges that we believe limit success: the time it takes to credit points, communication frequency, cumbersome user experiences, and a lack of adaption to members’ current needs and wants. In response to these challenges, we have created a modular collect portal that makes it highly inviting for your members to engage with your program. If you are looking to strengthen the value proposition for your global members via a smartly co-branded approach, we can add your program to the Akruu online portal in no time.

„70% of program members say that their choice of stores is influenced by where they can collect points. 58% say they actively search for deals and 54% say they even hunt small points amounts.”