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We believe that incentives presented in the form of true experiences are the most impactful driver for engaging customers.

Over the last two decades, we’ve learned how to reward customers for hard-earned points and when to delight them with a surprise.

Global incentivized engagement is the space we proudly own. We are honored to design and run powerful engagement programs for the industry leaders.

We call it INGAGEMENT.

Ingagement is a journey

Which ultimately leads to more customers, engaging deeply with your brand.


Inevitably different


We have always had a global outlook and footprint. Our team, partners, clients, programs and members are spread all over the planet. We are multilingual, multi-currency, and multi-national; shipping to around a whopping 170 countries every year. Seriously, nobody else in the world comes even close to our global incentives capability and reach. Which makes us happy.


We boast one of world’s most extensive incentive portfolios. Covering a vast array of the expected to the totally unexpected. From every day utility stuff to innovative gizmos. From NFT, crypto, fractional ownership assets, gaming, gold, education, travel to downloadable, tech, art, artisan, subscriptions and sustainable. We reckon we have got it all. And then some.


Our leading-edge tech architecture means we can fully operationalize both our patented rewards and scoring methodologies, as well as our unsurpassed range of smart incentive, rewards, payment and funding tools and platforms. So we then constantly deliver cost-efficient, optimized solutions to drive better results for every level of customer imaginable.


We are proud to be integrated with Amazon in eight markets. This is on top of having our own unparalleled proprietary network of strategic merchants and private label partners. This gives huge breadth and depth of choice of globally and brand-relevant, merchandise and incentives to satisfy and delight every type of customer on the value spectrum.


Our innovative solutions and tech are born from proactive development and innovation along with vision, deep analysis, knowledge and understanding of established and emerging loyalty market trends. Hence our international patents and trademarks, including two US Patents for “Methods and Systems for Generating Dynamic Reward Currency Values”. Which can’t be bad.


We optimise all member engagement and value, not just the high spenders with our Smart Cost Per Point™ management. We then evaluate Customer Equity. An aggregated measure of individual Customer Lifetime Value minus the cost of points and incentives. We then operationalise this metric via our tech and marketplace, picking the right incentives to increase Customer equity at the right cost, across the entire customer base.

Ingagement consulting

We consult and work closely with clients to identify and shape effective engagement concepts. We then design, build, and operate a tailored program solution. We use a balanced and tailor-made combination of tech, incentives, and operational services to deliver the perfect solution.

Ingagement solutions

We carry one of world’s most extensive portfolio of Incentives. We’re integrated with Amazon and have our own proprietary network of strategic merchants and private label operators. We can also integrate your own content as part of the right Incentive mix. We deliver relevant and engaging incentives across multiple categories from hi-touch to hi-tech. And beyond.

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Ingagement solutions

We’ve developed and provide cutting-edge engagement applications. We drive rewards redemptions with progressive e-commerce. We’ve got a vast array of front-end and back-end tools to deliver seamless order conversion. We deliver hi-tech and interactive gamification to continually engage members of all ages.

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Ingagement solutions

We deliver both long and short-term engagement models. We build in the impact of incentives on member engagement. We create low-cost redemption models to optimise loyalty liability using data and insight-driven strategies.

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Ingagement solutions

Everything we do can be delivered on a national, regional, or fully global basis. Our team, partners, clients, programs, and members are spread all over the planet. We’re multilingual, multi-currency, and multi-national; shipping to around a whopping 170 countries every year.

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We love awards! Why? Because they empower our clients.

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