In what we believe

Incentivized Engagement thrives on The Power of Choice.
Something that’s in our DNA at Loylogic. Put simply, it’s the bold premise that customers expect to be empowered with more options, more often. Just as long as those choices are relevant and engaging.

This idea is guided by critical behavioral insight and a razor-sharp knowledge and understanding of current and future market trends. As a result, we are able to continually create award-winning rewards and incentives solutions that drive engagement and build strong, enduring loyalty. Which makes us the obvious Partner of Choice.

In the air

We’ve all wearily been exposed to the old cliché of ‘blue sky thinking’, but that’s actually what we did when we had a dream about setting up Loylogic back in 2005.

As a bunch of very senior, experienced and let’s be honest, a bit cynical consultants flying all round the world doing our stuff, it suddenly struck us: surely there’s something more rewarding than just more miles for the more miles you get under the belt.

And that was it, bingo. We then set about establishing the world’s leading incentive and rewards company. Going further than anyone else – not just in the air – but by curating, creating and compiling a worldwide network delivering super-engaging incentives and rewards. And thankfully it took off. And how.

Since then, we’ve achieved loads, won loads of awards, engaged with loads and loads of customers and have made loads of clients. And we can still do loads and loads more for loads more clients and their customers.

In THE gang

We leverage our world-class experience from over 15 years of hands-on engagement know-how. We’re looking for people who truly enjoy delivering great work.