Aileen Parsons Joins Loylogic as the new Head of Pointspay Solution

Zurich, Switzerland | London, United Kingdom | 26th June 2019

Loylogic, the global leader in creating and running e-commerce solutions for loyalty programs, announces the appointment of Ms. Aileen Parsons as their new head of Pointspay, Loylogic’s leading loyalty solution and payment platform. Aileen joins Loylogic as Pointspay continues to rapidly grow and expand in the loyalty payment market. She comes with more than 15 years of experience in online payments and e-commerce across a wide range of industry verticals with PayPal. 

At Loylogic, Aileen is responsible for growing the success of Pointspay, leveraging her past experience in commercial modelling, risk, fraud & technical solutions. Based in London,  her mission is to lead and grow the Pointspay team as well as to expand the current network of online merchants which partner with Pointspay across the globe.  As such, she is focussing on enabling merchants to easily gain access to a completely new customer base of affluent loyalty members who are spending and collecting their different loyalty currencies directly with them.  

Aileen’s proven track record of facilitating long term business relationships with both customers and industry luminaries go hand in hand with Loylogic’s reputation for excellence to meet and exceed the needs of our partners and to continue to provide superior and innovative solutions in the marketplace.

Aileen Parsons comments: “Consumers today are looking for payment options that suit their lifestyle so offering your members and customers more choice on how and where to collect and redeem their loyalty currency positively impacts their engagement and ultimately their brand loyalty. I believe Pointspay allows both merchants and loyalty programs to simply add more value to their offering. I am excited to bring this amazing technology to the forefront and reinforce our powerful network of online merchants so that they can benefit from this new customer base and currency”.

About Loylogic

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