Pointspay launches Checkout Button

Zurich, Switzerland – Pointspay, the world’s first mobile wallet for exchanging loyalty points or miles into more than 160 currencies that can be used at 32 million merchants worldwide, today announced the launch of its Pointspay Checkout.

Pointspay Checkout is an easy-to-integrate online checkout button that allows e-commerce merchants to accept virtual currencies, such as loyalty points, as a payment method. It empowers online shoppers to pay for their purchases, using their earned points or a combination of points and cash in just a few clicks.

Pointspay Checkout addresses three major needs:

  • For the online-shopper it is a fast, secure and frictionless way to pay;
  • It brings new money to the merchants’ online stores and reduces shopping cart abandonment rates; and
  • It offers loyalty programs a less expensive tool to swiftly integrate online redemption partners and increase the program attractiveness.

“With Pointspay Checkout, we solved the three main needs of consumers, merchants, and programs in a single button,” said Dominic Hofer, CEO and Founder of Pointspay. “Consumers can now benefit from a convenient, fast and secure checkout experience, paying with their loyalty points without leaving the merchants website. Merchants can now access large previously-closed communities of virtual currency owners, and loyalty programs can integrate merchants in their virtual currencies’ redemption network cost efficiently and very fast. They can also decide whether to participate in the entire Pointspay platform, which offers members the further benefits of the Pointspay Visa cards to pay online and instore, or just to Pointspay Checkout. The Pointspay Checkout Button simplifies shopping and delivers loyalty program members more options to use their points.”

The first merchants have been already integrated and will be available very soon with Etihad Guest miles and other loyalty currencies to come.

About Pointspay

Pointspay Inc., a subsidiary of Swiss-based Loylogic Holdings, runs the leading mobile e-payment solution that enables members of participating loyalty programs to redeem points and miles instore and online at over 32 million merchants worldwide. For more information, please visit www.pointspay.com.

About Loylogic
Loylogic is the world’s leading innovator and creator of points experiences, insights, commerce and engagement. By tantalizing members with more choices and arming programs with insights on behavior – anticipating both present and future needs – we deliver powerful solutions that amplify engagement and build loyalty.

Founded in 2005 with offices around the world and a global content network of more than 500 merchants and 2,000 online stores offering millions products and services, Loylogic, the new paradigm of points-based e-commerce and e-payment solutions, is the partner that the world’s leading loyalty programs trust with making their points and miles loved more. For more information please visit loylogic.com.

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