Etihad Airways launched the Etihad Guest program with a vision to create a global reward shop for their global members.



Loylogic launched a suite of innovative loyalty commerce capabilities to provide best in class redemption experiences for Etihad Guest members. This An enterprise e-commerce platform enabled cash and miles payments for rewards that could be shipped anywhere in the world - with the rewards curated with local sensitivity and personalised to members’ individual needs.

Loylogic worked with VISA to design the world’s first globally accepted, multi-currency and fully flexible reward card to extend the rewarding experience to any merchant that accepts VISA. Loylogic created partnerships with leading regional and global merchants to enable Etihad Guest Miles as a payment method on their websites.

This led to substantial membership growth, mileage accrual growth based on redemption engagement and global recognition for the customer experience delivered by the suite of loyalty commerce capabilities.




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