• Irish Life is an insurance company that wanted to grow deeper brand engagement by helping their community live healthier lives.
  • The MyLife app is a companion healthy living app where health goals can be tracked.
  • New user retention and longer-term engagement can be challenging so users need help in nudging healthy behaviours in the right direction.


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  • The creation of healthy lifestyle challenges allowed members simple and exciting ways to lead a healthier lifestyle across the year.
  • A personalized healthy challenge is designed (i.e., marathon run) and participation is incentivised with points and also a chance to win a top prize (i.e., Apple Watch).
  • Challenges are easy to find and instantly activated from the MyLife app.
  • Points are fulfilled as soon as the challenge criteria is met and selected prize winners are notified in-app with a claim code that can be redeemed in the app native reward shop.


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  • Challenge participation: 60%+.
  • Reward Redemptions: 30%+.

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