• Jumeirah One wanted to engage members in rewards earlier in the lifecycle to build the cycle of earning and burning. ​
  • Insight showed a significant segment of members were unlikely to achieve reward status and would churn without meaningful engagement.


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  • A Jumeirah One branded monthly raffle was launched to drive more fun and engagement from lower balance members.
  • Each month an exciting new raffle prize based on customer aspirations and seasonal themes is promoted.
  • Members can purchase a ticket from as little as 200 points and purchase as many tickets as they wish.
  • Members are kept up to date via email, raffles page and mobile app notifications.
  • The lucky winner confirms their details and their rewards are fulfilled instantly through the Loylogic reward network.


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  • 15%+ growth in mileage redemptions.
  • Lowered the average cost per point of redemption due to low redemption cost.​
  • Increased customer satisfaction for members with lower balances.​
  • Incremental sales in the reward shop for engaged customers.

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