• Jan 012021
    Milestones - Loylogic

    Milestones 2020

    • Formed Loylogic office in Shanghai, China
    • Conceptualized Dezerved, a new premier marketplace with exclusive offers for loyalty currencies
    • Expanded the partnership with one of the World’s leading FMCG companies to 6 markets globally

  • Oct 292019
    Milestones - Loylogic

    Milestones 2019

    • Won Customer Fest Award for ‘Best Innovation in Loyalty’ with India’s largest frequent flyer program
    • Expanded business operations to Tokyo, Japan
    • Launched Global Travel Portal, enabling members to travel with their points & miles
    • Partnered with Europe’s largest frequent flyer program for a new Transfer Miles Solution
    • Partnered with Japan’s flag carrier airline for a collection and redemption platform
    • Partnered with Europe’s biggest insurance provider for a Reward Store Health App

  • Dec 152018

    Milestones 2018

    • Launched Buy, Gift and Transfer Solution
    • Partnered with Europe’s largest frequent flyer program for Pointspay
    • Partnered with biggest Swiss online health insurance provider for a Reward Platform
    • Partnered with global tire supplier in the agricultural industry for an Incentive Reward Platform

  • Dec 012017

    Milestones 2017

    • Partnered with a block chain payment service provider to offer first-ever points conversion into cryptocurrency
    • Announced global strategic partnership with dacadoo
    • Launched Gift Miles on Akruu, enabling members to purchase points & miles.
    • Partnered with leading UAE based luxury hospitality provider for a Rewards Program

  • Nov 012016

    Milestones 2016

    • Launched Akruu, a cutting-edge earn platform offering options to earn points/miles
    • Partnered with five European and a Middle Eastern frequent flyer programs on Akruu
    • Partnered with the largest Indian frequent flyer program for a Reward Platform
    • Won REBRAND 100® Global Award for bold and exciting new brand look

  • Jun 012015

    Milestones 2015

    • Expansion and relocation of the India office
    • Expansion of the UK presence
    • Certified by ISO/IEC 27001

  • Oct 152014

    Milestones 2014

    • Loaded over 1 billion points via Pointspay
    • Redeemed in-store in over 80 countries worldwide
    • Launched contactless (NFC) Pointspay prepaid card
    • Formed Loylogic office in Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Launched  Pointspay Checkout solution
    • Launched refreshed Loylogic brand

  • Dec 312013

    Milestones 2013

    • Introduced fast product delivery with global shipping firm
    • Received U.S. Patent extension for Loypay slider technology
    • Won Merchant Payment Ecosystem Loyalty Award for Pointspay
    • Won Contactless & Mobile Intelligence Loyalty Award for Pointspay
    • Won Best Loyalty Industry Innovation Award for Pointspay

  • Dec 312012

    Milestones 2012

    • Acquired world’s second largest frequent flyer program as a client
    • Acquired world’s second largest frequent guest program as client
    • Acquired world's largest insurance company as client
    • Won another four awards for frequent flyer clients
    • Delivered rewards to more than 150 countries
    • Launched Pointspay company and solution

  • Dec 312011

    Milestones 2011

    • Formed Loylogic Northern Europe in Brighton, UK
    • Introduced proprietary analytics platform Loyanalytics
    • Introduced proprietary merchant affiliate network Loymax
    • Won the Swiss Economic Award
    • Acquired world’s largest frequent guest program as client
    • Acquired world’s largest frequent flyer program as a client
    • Won MEGA Award for ‘Best in Vendor Loyalty’
    • Formed Loylogic Technology Center in Pune, India

  • Dec 312010

    Milestones 2010

    • Formed Loylogic Eastern Europe in Riga, Latvia
    • Received U.S. Patent for Loypay slider technology
    • Acquired first telecom and global fortune 200 client
    • Won MEGA Award for 'Most Innovative Loyalty Technology'
    • Enhanced solutions support to 19 different languages

  • Dec 312009

    Milestones 2009

    • Formed Loylogic North America in Atlanta, USA
    • Introduced industry-first global Earn Mall platform
    • Introduced industry-first mobile rewards iPhone App
    • Acquired 1,000 merchants and affiliate partners
    • Access to 10 million products and services

  • Dec 312008

    Milestones 2008

    • Developed world's largest merchant network covering every country worldwide
    • Won four awards including 'Program of the Year' for frequent flyer client
    • Enhanced online payment acceptance to 10 major currencies

  • Dec 312007

    Milestones 2007

    • Won 'Industry Impact Award' for miles-plus-cash payment technology Loypay
    • Achieved industry-leading reward delivery success rate of above 99%
    • Became largest online retailer in the Middle East

  • Dec 312006

    Milestones 2006

    • Formed Loylogic Middle East in Dubai, UAE
    • Launched industry-first global e-marketplace Loymart
    • Introduced industry-first 'multi-ticket auctions' and 'multiplier raffles'

  • Dec 312005

    Milestones 2005

    • Formed Loylogic Inc. in Zurich, Switzerland
    • Acquired first airline frequent flyer program client