• Jun 262019

    Aileen Parsons Joins Loylogic as the new Head of Pointspay Solution

    Zurich, Switzerland | London, United Kingdom | 26th June 2019

    Loylogic, the global leader in creating and running e-commerce solutions for loyalty programs, announces the appointment of Ms. Aileen Parsons as their new head of Pointspay, Loylogic’s leading loyalty solution and payment platform. Aileen joins Loylogic as Pointspay continues to rapidly grow and expand in the loyalty payment market. She comes with more than 15 years of experience in online payments and e-commerce across a wide range of industry verticals with PayPal. 

  • Jun 122019

    Rational Pricing for Airline Miles

    Zurich, Switzerland | 12th June 2019

    Many frequent flyer programs sell miles directly to their members. But miles are “funny money”, with widely fluctuating values barely understood by the public. We investigated Buy Miles prices and uncovered best practices. Our objective was simple: Determine the fair value in USD for a mile in each program, and compare that value to the price the program charges members when buying miles directly, in order to find the right pricing approach to tap into this million-dollar business.

    Download this white paper now to find out more. 

  • May 232019
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    Irish Life and Loylogic Announce Partnership for a Reward Store for the MyLife Health App

    Zurich, Switzerland | 23rd May 2019

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Irish Life, Ireland’s leading life and pensions insurance provider, announce the launch of a reward store for Irish Life’s new and innovative health and well-being app, MyLife. The MyLife app encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and it rewards them for doing so. Irish Life customers will have access to a reward store built by Loylogic, and will be able to claim rewards for their healthy behaviour through this store.    

  • Apr 292019
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    Loylogic Announces Expansion of Business Operations to Japan

    Zurich, Switzerland | 29th April 2019 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announces its business expansion in Japan by opening its eight office to be located in Tokyo.  With this new strategic location, Loylogic expands its international reach and increases its presence for existing and new customers in Japan and the APAC region.   

  • Apr 032019
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    Icelandair and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership for a Global Travel Rewards Portal

    Zurich, Switzerland | 3rd April 2019 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Icelandair Saga Club, Icelandair’s loyalty program, announce a partnership to launch Loylogic’s cutting edge travel platform in the coming months. The global portal enables Saga Club members to collect or redeem points, and a combination of both, by booking hotels and renting cars from thousands of offers across the world.   

  • Mar 192019
    Future Of Engagement

    The Future of Loyalty Engagement

    Zurich, Switzerland | 20th March 2019

    By  Piyush Khandelwal, Chief Operations Officer at Loylogic

    Today, redemption is one of the most important levers to engage loyalty members with a brand. More and more organizations therefore have also come to understand the importance of non-core rewards that inherently provide attainability (early redemption), availability (unlimited choice) and inclusivity (everyone participates). In addition to increasing member engagement, non-core rewards enable strategic program management, for example, they can be used as tier-based benefits to members and even reduce the average cost per point. Members engage more and costs come down [1]- Isn’t that what economic dreams are made of?