• Jul 092018
    Loylogic Intro

    Malaysia Airlines Enrich and Loylogic Announce the Launch of Loylogic’s New BUY Miles Solution

    Zurich, Switzerland | 9th July 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Enrich the frequent flyer program of Malaysia Airlines have partnered to implement the new Loylogic Buy Miles Solution. The collaboration kicks off the launch of Loylogic’s new cutting-edge Buy Miles platform, which enables members of a loyalty program to acquire more of their program’s miles in a fast and seamless way. It is supporting the objective of programs and members alike, to offer a simple solution, through which the member’s miles balance can be increased instantly and without further accrual effort. The possibility to simply buy more miles also plays an important role in ensuring the greatest member engagement of a program and its ROI.

  • Jul 052018
    Loylogic Intro

    Loylogic Launches Their New Buy, Gift and Transfer Technology Platform with Aggressive Price Positioning

    Zurich, Switzerland | 5th July 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announces its strategic entrance into the Buy-Gift-Transfer (BGT) market with its new BGT-module by offering a state of the art technology platform combined with excellent commercials. Leaving out the service fee completely in their pricing model, Loylogic’s plug and play solution can be integrated within a few weeks and deliver substantial program revenue almost immediately at a cost of 60-90% below that of current solution providers.

  • Jun 252018
    Dominic Small

    A Few Minutes with Dominic Hofer, Founder & CEO of LoyLogic 2019

    Zurich, Switzerland |  25th June 2018

    By The Wise Marketer

    The Wise Marketer recently interviewed Dominic Hofer, Founder and CEO of Loylogic to get his take on the broader loyalty marketing world, the importance of choice in an effective loyalty strategy and how Loylogic is dealing with the tremendous change and upheaval in this vertical.

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  • Jun 212018

    The key to your loyalty program’s survival and success is all about making the right choice

    Zurich, Switzerland | 21st June 2018

    By Dominic Hofer, Founder & CEO, Loylogic

    Choice has become such a buzz word and so very ingrained in our vocabulary: good choice, bad choice, too much choice, no choice… whatever we connect it with, choice is everywhere not just in our language but also in our lives. It is said that we make around 35,000 conscious and subconscious choices and decisions in one single day alone.*1 We take for granted having so many choices in life, but when we have no choice in a matter then we remark upon its absence in a negative way.

  • Jun 112018
    Loylogic Intro

    SWISS Miles & More and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership on Pointspay to Offer Increased Member Choice and Flexibility

    Zurich, Switzerland | 11th June 2018 

    A new strategic collaboration has been launched between SWISS Miles & More, part of the biggest frequent flyer and awards programme in Europe, and Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, with the goal to provide more choice and value to the SWISS Miles & More members through Loylogic’s powerful one button solution Pointspay.

  • Jun 112018
    MM Loylogic Plane V10 441x200

    SWISS Miles & More and Loylogic Disrupt Online Earn and Burn With Pointspay

    London, UK | 11th June 2018 

    By Akif Khan, Head of Pointspay at Loylogic

    Today, the majority of airline loyalty programs drive non-air redemptions via a combination of channels such as their online reward shops, vouchers and gift cards, hotel and car rental partnerships, and even direct redemption possibilities with selected partners. The reward shop model in particular has worked well for a long time, but it’s under pressure in a world where consumer expectations are constantly rising in the face of the relentless growth and sophistication of ecommerce.

  • May 242018
    Engagement Paper

    Can loyalty programs finally overcome the engagement versus breakage conundrum?

    London, UK | 24th May 2018

    By Oli Dervey, Head of Strategy, Loylogic 

    Ever since loyalty programs evolved from a means to retain customers to a means to generate cash for their operators, there is an inherent tension between reaping profits from expiring points and engaging members through rewards. New redemption options may offer a way out of this conundrum. 

  • May 022018
    Loylogic Intro

    Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems Announce Partnership for AgriPlus Rewards Program

    Zurich, Switzerland | 2nd May 2018

    For the first time Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems, launch a global loyalty program for the agricultural industry. The global leader and provider of loyalty program solutions Loylogic, is delighted to enter this new loyalty terrain with the Trelleborg Group, a world leader in engineered polymer solutions and global supplier of tires in the agricultural industry, with the purpose of creating and operating a state-of-the art loyalty experience new to this sector.

  • Apr 272018
    Loylogic Intro

    Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate Announce Partnership for the SanaHealth Reward Programme

    Zurich and Lucerne | 27th April 2018

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programmes, and Sanagate, the Swiss online health insurance announce, together with partner dacadoo, the launch of a new loyalty programme for the health and insurance industry. Sanagate made the next step in the digital health prevention for their customers in 2017 when it added the digital health engagement platform SanaHealth to their offering. It engages users in holistic health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and mental wellbeing. Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate now launch a new loyalty points system on the SanaHealth platform to reward users for healthy behavior.