• May 242018
    Engagement Paper

    Can loyalty programs finally overcome the engagement versus breakage conundrum?

    London, UK | 24th May 2018

    By Oli Dervey, Head of Strategy, Loylogic 

    Ever since loyalty programs evolved from a means to retain customers to a means to generate cash for their operators, there is an inherent tension between reaping profits from expiring points and engaging members through rewards. New redemption options may offer a way out of this conundrum. 

  • May 022018
    Loylogic Intro

    Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems Announce Partnership for AgriPlus Rewards Program

    Zurich, Switzerland | 2nd May 2018

    For the first time Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems, launch a global loyalty program for the agricultural industry. The global leader and provider of loyalty program solutions Loylogic, is delighted to enter this new loyalty terrain with the Trelleborg Group, a world leader in engineered polymer solutions and global supplier of tires in the agricultural industry, with the purpose of creating and operating a state-of-the art loyalty experience new to this sector.

  • Apr 272018
    Loylogic Intro

    Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate Announce Partnership for the SanaHealth Reward Programme

    Zurich and Lucerne | 27th April 2018

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programmes, and Sanagate, the Swiss online health insurance announce, together with partner dacadoo, the launch of a new loyalty programme for the health and insurance industry. Sanagate made the next step in the digital health prevention for their customers in 2017 when it added the digital health engagement platform SanaHealth to their offering. It engages users in holistic health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and mental wellbeing. Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate now launch a new loyalty points system on the SanaHealth platform to reward users for healthy behavior.


  • Apr 102018

    48 Trillion Unspent Loyalty Points – An Opportunity For Merchants

    London, UK | 10th April 2018

    By Akif Khan, Head of Pointspay at Loylogic

    When I tell people that there are approximately 48 trillion unspent loyalty points and frequent flyer miles sitting dormant in loyalty program members’ accounts globally, the first reaction is usually one of surprise. The next reaction is usually a nod of recognition, as they explain that they too often struggle to find meaningful ways to redeem the points that they have. This is an important fact that online merchants should note, as there is a growing opportunity for them to tap into this phenomenon to drive incremental revenue and drive customer acquisition.

  • Mar 272018

    The busy life of an ambitious loyalty member: is there any point to it?

    London, UK | 27th March 2018

    By Ivo Knottnerus, Sales & Business Development Director

    Why do people seem so busy? I mean always and all of the time? Part of this is a perception problem. On average, people in the wealthier countries have more leisure time than they used to have 20 years ago. This is particularly true in the United States, but even in Europe leisure time has been going up steadily since 1965, when formal national time-use surveys began. Europeans work nearly 12 hours less per week, on average, than they did 40 years ago - a fall that includes all work-related activities, such as commuting and coffee breaks.

  • Mar 222018

    The Rise Of PayPal And What The Loyalty Industry Can Learn

    London, UK | 22nd March, 2018

    By Akif Khan, Head of Pointspay. Loylogic 

    Think online shopping and payments, and you most probably think of the stereotypical image of credit card details being entered onto a checkout page. However, in a surprisingly large number of markets, this isn’t the case. Whilst credit and debit cards are prolific in many regions, there are just as many others where they are not. Within the world of ecommerce, paying online without directly using your payment card is known as using an alternative payment method, or APM. The growth in the use of APMs is an important trend that the loyalty industry should be following. There are over 300 APMs in use globally. These range from bank transfer-based systems such as iDEAL in the Netherlands or Sofort in Germany, to direct mobile carrier billing systems such as Boku, to e-invoicing services like Klarna.

  • Mar 062018

    Loylogic Silver Sponsor and Workshop Presenter at Loyalty 2018 in Bangkok

    Zurich, Switzerland | 9th February 2018

    Loylogic has partnered with FlightGlobal and Global Flight to be a lead sponsor of the 10th Annual Loyalty Conference & Awards in Bangkok. Loylogic additionally conducted a hands-on workshop to let loyalty managers experience for themselves what it really takes to build a successful and strategic dream reward portal for their programmes.


  • Dec 062017

    Your loyalty blind spot? It’s your employees

    Zurich, Switzerland | 6th December 2017

    By Max Hunter, Chief Joy Officer at Loylogic

    Employee loyalty. What does that even mean? I’ve given my all to companies before but they seemed to show no loyalty to me. The only way the company tried to engage employees was through a ‘carrot and stick’ bonus scheme and a Christmas party. Plus I got looked over for ‘promised’ promotion, then uninvited from the Christmas party once I handed in my notice after 5 years dedicated, successful service. When the squeeze is on, the only thing that gets squeezed is the people.

  • Dec 042017

    Make your loyalty points work with bitcoin

    London, UK | 4th December, 2017

    By Vera Martocchia | Global Marketing Director at Loylogic

    For Loylogic innovation is key and one of our core values deeply imbedded into our DNA. We are constantly observing new trends and challenge the status quo to come up with new and unprecedented redemption features for the loyalty industry. This is what led us to our newest revelation: Bitcoin as a loyalty redemption feature and points investment option.