• Jan 012021
    Milestones - Loylogic

    Milestones 2020

    • Formed Loylogic office in Shanghai, China
    • Conceptualized Dezerved, a new premier marketplace with exclusive offers for loyalty currencies
    • Expanded the partnership with one of the World’s leading FMCG companies to 6 markets globally

  • Apr 152020
    Empty Check In Airport

    Keeping your loyalty program members engaged while your travel business is on pause

    Zurich, Switzerland | 15th April 2020

    By Gabi Kool, Chief Commercial Officer, Loylogic

    In the global Coronavirus pandemic, travel has come to an abrupt standstill. Airlines and hotels must find ways to keep their best customers optimistic, engaged and primed to rebound.

    Much has been written about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry. The consensus is clear: In its speed, global reach and severity, the current crisis is unprecedented. Amidst fear, health advisories and travel restrictions, a major part of the world’s population has gone into lockdown.

  • Apr 022020
    Article Image 1

    Why aren’t loyalty program emails personalized and what you can do about it

    Zurich, Switzerland | 02nd April 2020

    By Lansy Joseph, Chief Innovation Officer, Loylogic

    When was the last time you received an email from an online store that wasn’t personalized to your interests? Years ago, I would imagine. When was the last time you received an email from a loyalty program that wasn’t personalized though? Well, I can say for myself – just last week.

    To clarify, by personalization I’m not referring to the basics like having your name, account number or points balance in an email. I’m referring to personalized content relevant to your profile (e.g.: gender, points balance, location, etc.), preferences and interests based on your past browsing and shopping data.

  • Mar 192020
    Gabi Kool

    Charting the evolution of loyalty

    Zurich | Switzerland 19th March 2020

    Gabi Kool, chief commercial officer of Loylogic, platinum sponsor of the Loyalty Magazine Awards, explains how loyalty is evolving and why.

  • Mar 022020
    TLMA 20 Swoosh Purple

    Loylogic sponsors the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

    London, UK | 18th February 2020

    Loylogic has been announced as the new platinum sponsor of the 2020 Loyalty Magazine Awards. The innovation partner for the world’s leading loyalty programs collaborates with Loyalty Magazine for future growth. 

  • Nov 272019
    Couple Shopping

    The Painful Reckoning of Incumbent FMCG Manufacturers

    Zurich, Switzerland | 27th November 2019

    By Daniel Schmidt, Director - FMCG Loyalty, Loylogic

    Global consumer goods companies face the unpleasant truth that the success of the past cannot be reproduced in the future without a new approach to marketing.  Direct consumer engagement has been the holy grail for decades. Could loyalty programs be the foundation of future success?

  • Nov 262019

    Loylogic Appoints Gabi Kool as the new Chief Commercial Officer

    Zurich, Switzerland | 26th November 2019

    Loylogic, the global leader in creating and running e-commerce solutions for loyalty programs, announces the appointment of Gabi Kool as their new Chief Commercial Officer. Gabi joins the current executive team of Loylogic and is based at the Loylogic headquarters in Zurich.